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Fulfil data’s promise: achieve greater access.

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Where data empowers pharma, payers and key stakeholders toward a shared purpose – Europe’s only home for RWE, data and access leaders.

Returning for its 6th year Real-World Evidence & Access Europe 2018 will bring together 250+ pharma leaders with key European HTA’s & payers push pharma into the new era of data enlightenment.

As one we will explore the key themes:

  • Data is differentiation:
    enhance your real-world study and analytical capabilities
    to provide sharper insights
  • Unite stakeholders:
    accelerate transition to a new data-led world by aligning
    pharma, payers and HTA around
    shared healthcare goals
  • Deliver intensity: Create a focussed pipeline where every
    payer relationship, every dataset and every internal goal
    gives you total dominance of your therapy area
  • Build what people want: ensure all departments,including
    clinical and R&D, are prioritising access goals and start with
    the patient in mind
  • Resurrect risk-sharing:
    ensure reimbursement through smart agreements that
    enable you to win through your higher-value offering

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A snapshot of the industry leading speaker line-up:

It’s time to ask yourself – is data really your friend or foe?

Let’s turn your company into a responsive, dynamic, adaptable, market-fluid and purposeful entity that will provide real value for all – meeting payer and regulator needs, and allowing patients the access to the drugs and treatments they need most.

To see the complete line-up of 40+ industry leaders download the brochure >>>

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