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Patient Centricity Works: Make Patient-Centricity a Reality in Commercial Pharma
If you are on the commercial side of the life sciences industry this paper is for you. If you want to see better outcomes for your company, yourself and patients then this paper is for you. If you are wondering how you can make patient-centricity a reality – then this paper is for you.

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This paper features 7 case-studies including:
  • How training at UCB helped to create a sustainable culture of patient-centricity

  • How “The Patient Dimension Action Team” at Sunovion are driving forward a 5 year vision for patient-centricity across all brands

  • How Takeda use a decision-making and prioritization framework to guide a patient-first approach to business
Download your copy of the Whitepaper now >>>

12 of the industry’s leading experts contributing their valuable insights:
  • Dirk Abeel, Global Head Performance Development, Training and Field Force Effectiveness, Nestlé Nutrition
  • Guy Yeoman, VP of Patient Centricity, AstraZeneca
  • Jim O’Donoghue, Vice President, S3 Connected Health
  • Mark Duman, Director, MD Healthcare Consultants
  • Dr Joanna Robaczewska, Research Fellow, The Faculty of Business Economics, Research Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (KIZOK), Hasselt University
  • David Davidovic, Founder, pathForward LLC
  • Richie Bavasso, Founder & Board of Directors, RIMEDIO, Inc.
  • David Fortanbary, Head of North America Commercial Training, UCB
  • John Jacoppi, Executive Director of New Products Planning, Sunovion
  • Heather Dean, National Head of Sales & Accounts in the Specialty Business Unit, Takeda USA
  • Michael Tremblay, President, Astellas Pharma Canada
  • Jay Graves, Vice President of Sales for the US division, Roche Diabetes Care
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