2019 is the year when the nature of pharma is redefined. Whereas once we simply discovered and distributed medicines, it’s now about using science, ingenuity and patient insight to create whatever is most valuable for the patient, which typically means a lot more than just the medicine. Pharma is now in the health innovation business.

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The cornerstones of the Barcelona 2019 meeting are:

  • Value, driven. Incremental improvements don’t demonstrate
    outcomes. A more courageous mindset enables you to seek
    and deliver value wherever it lies, even if there’s no precedent.
  • Authenticity rules: Our job is to have better patient insights
    than anyone else, educate stakeholders and generate more
    beneficial products and services. The analytics won’t lie.
  • We are technology. Technology enables deeper data insights –
    let’s use it to power digital solutions driven by ML/AI/NLP, develop
    universal standards and create the connected future.
  • Prevention is better than cure. We must understand the
    non-patient and keep them that way. Embrace gene sequencing,
    cell therapy, regenerative medicine and better personalisation.
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A sneak peek of 2019’s speakers:

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Medicine is just the beginning

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